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29 February 2016

Little Devil on location & MMM Present: DIRKSCHNEIDER (Germany) + ANVIL (Canada) BURNING ROME (Italy)

12 April 2016 @ DUDOK, Tilburg, The Netherlands


THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE DUTCH SHOW SO BE THERE!!! DIRKSCHNEIDER will ONLY perform ACCEPT songs for the last time ever!!!

Legendary metal singer, Udo Dirkschneider dropped some bombshell news; the 62 year old cult musician announced his definitive farewell to the Accept song library. On a special tour he will perform songs by Accept one last time before he retires them for good. It will be a night of epic proportions. During this Accept farewell tour, he ...will only showcase songs from the Udo era of the band. The German rock staple will close a huge chapter of music history forever. In the early 80´s, the Solingen-raised singer skyrocketed to worldwide acclaim with the band Accept and with his unmistakeable voice he had several hits such as Balls To The Wall and Princess of the Dawn. Now he has announced that he will perform these much loved hits on this special tour one more time before he removes them from the set list forever. „I still love singing these songs live,“ Dirkschneider says. „The songs still are an important part of my catalog and still suit my voice very well. But at some point in your life, it´s just time to close the chapter. There has been so much talk and speculation about Accept, so I just want to give my last definitive musical statement about it and give my fans a chance to see me perform a complete concert of these songs one last time on stage.“ After this tour, Udo will only play songs from his extensive library of U.D.O. material. After being kicked out of Accept in the late 80´s, he garnered many classic hits with his new band in a long and successful career, such as Animal House, Timebomb, and Man and Machine. „There is enough high quality material to fill a two hour set with no problem,“ says Dirkschneider. „U.D.O. has been the band where I belong for 18 years and I want to pay tribute to them from now on.“ The musician will NOT perform this farewell tour under the name U.D.O. but simply as Dirkschneider.

ANVIL (Canada):
One of Canada's longest-running metal bands, Anvil was on top of the metal world in the early eighties, with albums such as "Metal On Metal" and "Forged In Fire" regarded as power metal classics and gaining critical acclaim as well as fan interest. Though their worldwide popularity isn't quite what it used to be, they have persevered though several lineup changes and continue to release 80's-styled power metal albums. In 2009 the band found new life from an unexpected source, that being the documentary film The Story Of Anvil, which became a huge hit even beyond metal circles. Udo Dirkschneider is very proud to confirm Canada's iconic metalband ANVIL to join the DIRKSCHNEIDER European Tour in spring 2016! ANVIL will be the special guest on the tour and perform many old hits but also new songs out of their new album "Anvil is Anvil" which will be released February 2016 via SPV. This is gonna be a LEGENDARY night!!!!

SOAD, Scars on Broadway, Alice in Chains,Foo Fighters, Journey, Stone Sour and Papa Roach characterize their wide roots.The intention is to collect and mix all of our different musical influences to result in a very personal metal mixture. Their music is powerful and rough, sharp and immediately grit but still able to open up and give melodic moments to our listeners.


Place; DUDOK, Veemarktstraat 33, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date; Tuesday 12 April 2016
Doors; 18:00
Entrance; € 22,50 (presale) of € 25,-- (doors)

29 February 2016

MARIO'S METAL MEETING 10  (The Final Edition) (USA/UK)

9 April 2016 @ Little Devil, Tilburg, The Netherlands


SATAN (UK): SATAN are a British heavy metal band formed in 1980 in their home town of Newcastle Upon Tyne. The band is considered influential for playing a form of proto-thrash/speed metal that was fairly advanced by the standards of the early 1980s, influencing major acts like METALLICA, EXODUS, DEATH ANGEL. SATAN released two demos, a 7?, a four song EP, and two full length Albums before going into hibernation in the late 1980s. After reuniting in 2011 with the line-up from their classic debut album'Court In The Act' (1983), SATAN signed to Listenable Records to release a direct successor to said album in 2013. The response to 'Life Sentence' was beyond all expectations; the album made it to a lot of magazine's top albums of 2013, and SATAN were honoured to play at festivals all across the world. Guitarist Steve Ramsey said: “Even back in the 80's nothing we did could compare to this – 29 shows in four continents, 57 flights and 3 tour-buses.” They have also managed to record a new studio album'Atom By Atom' which was released in October on the Listenable Records label. The album features ten new songs written by the band, and is once again produced by Dario Mollo. According to Ramsey: “We were well aware that Life Sentence would take some beating but I think we've done it. We started writing almost two years ago and I believe this is our best material yet”.SATAN are: Brian Ross, Russ Tippins, Steve Ramsey, Graeme English & Sean Taylor. MMM couldn't wish a better headliner for the last MMMeeting!!!

VARDIS (UK); Vardis are an influential three-piece hard rock, boogie rock and heavy metal bandfrom Wakefield, West Yorkshire, who enjoyed hits between 1978 and 1986. They formed a prominent part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene, then prevalent in the United Kingdom. They consisted of frontman Steve Zodiac onguitar and lead vocals, Alan Selway onbass guitar and Gary Pearson on drums. Alan Selway was later replaced by Terry Horbury (previously of Dirty Tricks) on bass guitar. The band were originally formed under the name 'Quo Vardis' (Latin for 'whither goest thou?') because they did not know which direction they were going. This was later abbreviated to Vardis. Their first recordings were made at Holyground Studios in Cass Yard, Kirgate, Wakefied. Vardis quickly gained notoriety for their high energy live performances, the unique approach of incorporating elements of 70's glam rockand heavy metal music and frontman Steve Zodiac's searing Fender Telecastersound. Zodiac was reputable for playing Vardis concerts barefoot and bare chested, his look completed by long, naturally ice-blonde hair. They took the unorthodox approach of comprising their debut album, 100MPH (1980), of entirely live recordings. Their second album, released in April 1981 and called The World's Insane, featured a cover versionof Hawkwind's "Silver Machine", and featured bagpipes played by Judd Lander, making it one of the few heavy metal albums of that time to ever feature bagpipes. Vardis dissolved in the mid 1980s amid lengthy legal disputes with former management. Vardis reformed with the Zodiac/Horbury/Pearson lineup in March 2014, and performed at festivals in the U.K. and Germany until Gary Pearson's departure at the end of that year. New drummer Joe Clancy was unveiled in January 2015, as Vardis announced plans to write and record new material. This new lineup released the EP200 MPH on 18 July, the first new Vardis material in 29 years, to critical acclaim. In November 2015, Vardis penned a worldwide deal with SPV/Steamhammer, with the German label announcing the fifth Vardis album, Red Eye, had been scheduled for release in 2016. On 15 December, bassist Terry Horbury died suddenly after a short battle with cancer. The band will continu to tour in honour of him.

JEWEL (NL); After studying classical guitar, Henky Backer thought it would be a cool idea to transpose Beethoven's violin concerto to electric guitar. The piece was called Opus 61 and so was the band. However it was clear from the start, it was just to much for people to comprehend and was only performed a couple of times. To create a wider appeal he decided to go for a more straight forward rock approach and when the Japanese band Loudness came along, it came clear what he wanted: a four piece band with technical skilled aggressive metal but still maintaining a high entertainment level and at the end of 1982 “Sword” was born. With Sword they recorded the single Excalibur which became a cult classic. With changing the band name to Jewel, things really started to fall into place and at one time they had more gigs than any other Dutch metal act. In an ultimate effort to show what they were capable off, they recorded a few legendary albums! When Arwin called Henky Backer in 2014 and asked him if i was interested to pick up where we left off 24 years ago, he had to think twice, but when Henkie “Rammstein” Mulder agreed to join the party, he could not resist. And here they are again but this time around it's a complete different ball game. Luckily they found singer Nico Perreijn (ex-Angus) to be their forth musketeer and he really is the missing link. His higher voice, with the likes of Rob Halford, and versatile style is much closer to the original concept they had in mind. Check this new line up out!!!

OVERRULED (NL); Overruled brings you a strong combination of 80's heavy, speed and thrash metal. This young four men formation from The Netherlands was established in January 2012 and has since rapidly grown into a solid and energetic live experience. With many performances on their name this band delivers high quality every time. Overruled stands for an experience with lots of interaction with the crowd and an enthousiastic performance. Headbanging and giving it all on stage, entertaining and playing the crowd! Bringing metal as it's supposed to is what Overruled is all about. Claiming the stage with a strong mix from catchy heavy metal 'till aggressive thrash metal makes this young formation an amazing experience in which old-school metal is brought in a refreshing way.

Place; Little Devil, Stationsstraat 27, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date: Saturday 9 April 2016
Doors: 17:00
Entrance; € 20,--

5 January 2016

Mario's Metal Mania Presents: ONE MACHINE (USA/UK) + DISQUIET (NL)

4 April 2016 @ Little Devil, Tilburg, The Netherlands


ONE MACHINE (USA/UK): One Machine is the brainchild of critically acclaimed guitarist/songwriter Steve Smyth (Nevermore, Forbidden, Dragonlord, Vicious Rumors). One Machine is an international metal band with classic and modern influences, featuring members carefully selected by Smyth: Mikkel Sandager (Mercenary) on vocals, Jamie Hunt (Biomechanical) sharing guitar duties, rounded out by a powerhouse rhythm section with Tomas “O'Beast” Koefoed (Mnemic) on bass guitar and Raphael Saini (Chaoswave) on drums. Smyth had often given thought to leading his own band throughout his distinguished career as a member of bands including Testament, Nevermore, and Forbidden, amongst others. Smyth had written a number of songs, but the challenge of finding the right members to bring them to life remained. He found a more than capable shredding second guitarist in Jamie Hunt, and the two began collaborating on the material Smyth had. “Jamie's playing complements mine extremely well, and we hit it off perfectly when we got together to work on the songs” says Smyth. A vocalist was found in the form of original Mercenary singer Mikkel Sandager. He fit the kind of singer Smyth was looking for, with his versatile ability to sing in different ways, and his readiness to be pushed into new musical territories. “When our former bands toured together, I got to witness night after night, exactly what Mikkel could do; deliver a solid performance with an incredible range, as well as multiple characters in his voice. He's perfect for this band!” Smyth, Hunt, and Sandager then set about refining and shaping Smyth's original material. Drummer Raphael Saini, formerly of Italian progressive metallers Chaoswave, whose band Smyth had previously provided guest solos for, was next to join. During the recording process, Saini lived up to Modern Drummer's assessment of him as “a drum assassin; cold blooded, precise, and brutal”. To quote Smyth “Raph surprised me with his ability in delivering these tracks. He totally killed it!” In 2012, bassist Tomas “O'Beast” Koefoed, formerly of Mnemic, came on board, adding his distinctive sound to the tracks. “Tomas is without a doubt one of the most solid bassists I've encountered in some time! He literally added an entirely new dimension to these songs that would not have been possible to be achieved without him.” The band did release its second album, "The Final Cull", on September 18 via Scarlet Records. The CD was tracked at Death Island Studios, with Marco Angioni and Tue Madsen at the helm. Recording lasted for nine days solid, as the band put in 15-18-hour days on this album.
Steve Smyth (guitar)
Jamie Hunt (guitar)
Chris Hawkins (vocals)
Stephen Wild (bass)

DISQUIET (NL); The Dutch melodic thrash outfit Disquiet was restablished in Utrecht 2008. The three track promo 'Hate Incarnate'  (2008) indicates this fresh start: 'Ten minutes of this intense music is never enough. The great sound and heavy production makes us hungry for more'. (Metalfan)Disquiet combines Bay Area oriented thrash metal mixed with melodic European elements. Imagine a mix of Testament with Arch Enemy, moderated with some modern metalcore in?uences. January 2012, the band launches its ?rst full-length album 'Scars Of Undying Grief'. A product of perseverance with an in-your-face production by Tommie Bonajo, demonstrates Disquiet's approach to modern metal. 'Disquiet's debut album is better than many of the established order' (Aardschok Magazine). 'Disquiet has it's own sound, packaged in great art-work' (Rock Tribune), Thrash-tipp des monats' (Metal Hammer). Koen Romeijn (Detonation/Apophys/Heidevolk) joined the band in 2012 and Disquiet thrashed many stages that year. Among these was Wacken Open Air, with 80.000 visitors one of the biggest metalfestivals in the world. In 2013 shows in Germany and as one of the ?rst Dutch metalbands in Suriname (South America) were added to that list. In 2014 this story continued with international shows in Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany sharing the stage with Arch Enemy and Annihilator. In 2015 Koen was replaced by Frank van Boven and the band started recording their new album 'The Condemnation' which was released worldwide january 2016 on Soulseller Records (Gorgoroth a.o.). 'Melodic thrash meets death metal! The perfect soundtrack for every metal party!' (Metal Hammer). 'Unique and modern sound; a thrash album hard to beat this year' (Rocktribune). Started with a UK tour in february, Disquiet is ready to raise hell in 2016!

Place; Little Devil, Stationsstraat 27, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date: Monday 4 April 2016
Doors: 19:00
Entrance; € 5,--

5 January 2016

Mario's Metal Mania Presents: WARRIOR SOUL (USA) + JESUS CHRUSLER SUPERCAR (Sweden)

31March 2016 @ Little Devil, Tilburg, The Netherlands


WARRIOR SOUL (USA): Warrior Soul is an American hard rock band formed and mostly known by by lead singer Kory Clarke.  They were signed to Geffen Records from 1989 to 1994. The band hit the scene in New York City in 1987. Coming of age during the presidency of the first George Bush, many of its songs were politically based, from the prescient “In Conclusion” to the call to arms, “Children of the Winter. The term “Acid Punk” was coined by Clarke to explain the hard driving trippy sound that was Warrior Soul, particularly the Space Age Playboys album. The style once again predicted what was going to break on the American and International rock music scene with the success of Green Day and The Offspring. The critical acclaim that accompanied the band translated to record sales in Europe but there was not enough push or touring to break in the USA. Despite recognition by peers, including Lars Ulrich from Metallica, who had been quoted as saying Space Age Playboys was his favorite album, Warrior Soul disbanded in 1995. Following the re-release of the band's first five albums on in 2006, Clarke reformed Warrior Soul for a UK tour in March 2007, using long time musician friends from England and Sweden. Work has begun on a new Warrior Soul album and a live album taken from the band's October UK tour. (This was released in mid 2007). In 2008, the band played the second incarnation of Hard Rock Hell, in North Wales, with the large room over capacity when the band play, rendering the opposing Hawkwind show on the next stage virtually unattended. Kerrang! magazine reviewed the show as KKKKK (5 Ks)[citation needed]. The band is again on tour and will hit the Little Devil stage for the second time already! Be there!!

JESUS CHRUSLER SUPERCAR (Sweden): JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR have already caused a worldwide sensation with the three brilliant music clips for their singles “Killing Machine”, “Pitchfork” and “God Gave Me Nothing”. Certainly, the new music video for their new album's first single “From Hell”, which was directed by Dan Elmner, will follow this tradition. The clip provides attention grabbing guest appearances of illustrious Swedish celebrities and will be released a few weeks before the album in early 2016. Be prepared, JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR are fast-approaching in supersonic speed! “35 Supersonic” hits the perfect sound between the 90s' dirty rough Rock 'n' Roll and the up to date Death 'n' Roll mace!

Buy your tickets here:

Place; Little Devil, Stationsstraat 27, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date: Thursday 31 March 2016
Doors: 19:00
Entrance; € 10,--

5 January 2016

Mario's Metal Mania Presents: STRIKER (Canada)

2 March 2016 @ Little Devil, Tilburg, The Netherlands


STRIKER (Canada):
“Full Speed or No Speed”: prophetic words to live by from Striker's debut full length release “Eyes in the Night”. Since for...ming nearly 8 years ago, not a day goes by without the pedal to the metal attitude that smashes through the traffic jam of modern metal. “Stand in the Fire”, Striker's 4th studio album, prepares to shift the band into high gear and leave the competition in the dust. Guest performances from some of metal's premiere players as well as other unprecedented collaborations prepare a high octane mix that is ready for ignition. This will be Striker's strongest album to date, living a life set by one rule: no limits! Striker has come a long with since their 2007 formation in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The band's first demo immediately caught international attention from notable German record label, Iron Kodex. Backed by the label's support, Striker went on to record and release their first EP, “Road Warrior”, in early 2009. The EP spread like wildfire among metal fans in Canada, Germany, and Spain. It was this first major stepping-stone in kick starting a promising career.
In 2010 the band released their first full-length recording, “Eyes in the Night”, which reinforced Striker's presence in both the domestic and international metal scene. The release initiated the band's touring career: including Canada coast to coast, and over a dozen European countries with several festival appearances (Metal Assault Festival, and Headbangers Open Air) overseas. This established the credibility of Striker as a hardworking, dedicated band, willing to take the risks necessary to make it to the next level of their musical career. Over the years Striker continued to refine their public image, hone their product, and solicit support within the music industry. Having completed the Iron Kodex contract with Eyes in the Night, the band looked towards greater achievements and began working with producer Michael Wagener (Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Skid Row) in Nashville, Tennessee. After spending over two months recording in the USA the band completed their 2nd album, “Armed to the Teeth”, and was promptly signed by prominent Austrian label Napalm Records July 27, 2012. Hot off the heels of the album release announcement, Striker was selected to directly support heavy metal giants Metallica for 2 sold out shows at Rexall Place in Edmonton. The shows were a huge boost to the band and showed them the inner workings of one of the most successful bands in history. With a newfound work ethic, the band set to work planning their biggest Canadian and European tours to date, breaking into new territories such as the UK and Japan. With the desire to improve and expand to even greater heights, the band remained in Europe after a headlining tour and began to work on the album “City of Gold” with visionary producer Frederik Nordstrom, a founding member of the melodic death metal sound.
“City of Gold” was critically acclaimed and propelled Striker forward in the industry, directly supporting veteran acts such as Bullet and Artillery on extensive tours of Europe and the United States. Major European festivals began to take interest, with the band headlining smaller festivals such as Devilstone Festival and Headbangers Open Air, and headlining the second stage at major festivals such as Metal Days Festival to enormous crowds. Working again with Frederik Nordstrom, “Stand in the Fire” sees Striker taking their destiny into their own hands by releasing the album on their own label “Record Breaking Records”, ushering in a new era of decisive action, dedication and forward thinking. Live life by one rule: No Limits!

Place; Little Devil, Stationsstraat 27, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date: Wednesday 2 March 2016
Doors: 20:00
Entrance; € 8,50


5 January 2016

Mario's Metal Mania Presents: A tribute to the one and only LEMMY KILMISTER!!! (NL)

10 January 2016 @ Little Devil, Tilburg, The Netherlands


A tribute to the one and only LEMMY KILMISTER!!!

Special show with Dutch Motörhead tributeband MOTÖRBLOK; Motörblok is een tribute-band uit Rotterdam en omstreken, die begin 2010 werd opgericht door (ex-) leden van diverse bands als DarkRoses, Librium en Dark Days Sanity. De band begon als project ter opluistering van de 2e The Note On The Road festival. Dit werd een enorm succes waardoor de band besloot door te gaan. In september 2010 werd drummer Richard van der Kooi vervangen door Bert van Steenbruggen (o.a. Van Duuren Band, J.B.Trick). In een doldwaze show worden de beste Motörhead-klassiekers en aanverwante hardrock en heavy metal covers ten gehore gebracht onder het motto: Harder dan de rest !! Een band die een eigen interpretatie aan nummers geeft i.p.v. ze zo veel mogelijk copy-paste nat te bootsen!!! Be there to honour the one and ony Lemmy!!! And party all day long!!!

Place; Little Devil, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date; Sunday 10 January 2016
Doors; 16:00 (MATINEE SHOW)
Entrance; FREE!!!

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