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12 November 2013

MMM Presents: STRIKER (Canada), SCREAMER (Sweden) & EVIL INVADERS (Belgium)
A night of Speed & Heavy Metal
Location; Little Devil, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date: 22 December 2013
Doors: 18:00
Entrance: € 7,50

After three European tours, two trips across Canada and a nomination for “Best Metal Band” at the 2011 Indie Awards for their 2010 debut album “Eyes in the Night”.Strikers' sophomore release “Armed to the Teeth” has turned heads Worldwide. Produced by multi platinum producer Michael Wagener, (Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Skid Row) Armed to the Teeth has sky rocketed Striker into the spot light. Including a direct support slot for Metallica’s two sold out shows at Rexall place in their hometown Edmonton Alberta less than 10 days after its release. With a new World tour set to begin in spring 2013, Striker is at the forefront of the Canadian Heavy Metal scene for the whole World to see. Anyone in need of a daily dose of traditional Heavy Metal must not miss out on STRIKER!

Straight up heavy metal n’ roll from Sweden. Started out in early 2009 with the intention of delivering the best heavy metal there is Screamer fast grew in to one of the hardest touring demo bands in Sweden. Recording the ground setting demo “Never Going Down” after only two months as a band the path was set and shows came pouring in. The hit song “Can You Hear Me”, even in a demo version, got aired on national Swedish radio, local radio channels as well as a load of international web radio stations. More than 100 shows have been performed in both Sweden and Europe, including their first headliner tour in 2012. During that tour they already played the Little Devil club with special guest ATTIC form Germany. The high octane heavy metal n’ roll has made Screamer into a adrenaline breathing live machine that always deliver.

Imagine Evil Invaders was an upcoming band from the early 80’s. As if we were still living in the bay area where we could see Mustaine playing lead guitars in Metallica before there was even an album called Kill ‘em All. As if bands like Agent Steel, Exciter or Megadeth were still to become as they ended up to be. Man… Do you recall those images or the feeling you had when you first saw bands like early Metallica, WASP or Mercyful Fate? Well, with Evil Invaders I think this feeling will be all coming back to you. Go to a show or check the new self titled EP and see for yourself.

ticketsale @ Little Devil bar
pre-paid by sending a mail to

31 October 2013

YES YES YES!!!!!!!

SOLD OUT!!!!!!

So NO MORE tickets available!!!!!!!!!!

For all those other lucky ones; See you all Saturday!!!!
Gonna be a HELL of a party!!!!

18 October 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: From now on MMM will only do business with the one and only place in Rockcity Tilburg; Little Devil Bar! Simply because they now how to threat musicians, bookers and fans! IIn Dutch) OFTEWEL: vanaf nu boek ik alleen nog exclusief shows in Little Devil; simpelweg omdat beide partijen weten wat we aan elkaar hebben en het daarbij behorende respect naar elkaar.

17 October 2013

Due to UNRELIABLE and UNPROFESSIONAL COLLABORATION with Cafe Extase, Tilburg I regret to say that I quit doing business with this club immediately!!!

So tonights show of RAZEND & HELLISH WAR is cancelled!! In the future I only want to work with people/clubs that have the same ATTITUDE as myself!!

The show with MARTYR & PICTURE (sheduled for 20 December) will also be resheduled to another date and stay tuned!!!

Sorry for the few that were looking out or this show as much as I did....

5 October 2013

MMM Presents a night of UK Metal!!!

Absolva is a classic metal band, based in Manchester, UK, & featuring twin lead guitar in the great British tradition. Formed in May 2012 by Chris Appleton & Martin McNee (both of Fury UK), joined by Dan Bate (Point Blank Fury). Chris & Martin had featured together especially since October 2007 as part of successful classic metal trio Fury UK, a band which clearly established itself at the forefront of the UK scene. From inception to May 2012, Fury UK, signed to Rocksector Records, released 3 albums, 1 EP & 1 DVD. The band also toured UK & Europe extensively as a headline act, played Bloodstock, Hammerfest & PPM Festivals, & toured as guests with Iced Earth, Saxon, Y&T, Michael Schenker & Blaze Bayley. When Fury UK bassist Luke Appleton (brother of Chris) joined American powerhouse metallers Iced Earth, Fury UK was put on hold whilst Chris & Martin decided to form Absolva.

London Based Shred Heavy Thrashers on Earache Records!! Savage Messiah was formed in London in 2007 out of a desire and dedication to creating 100% Heavy Metal music. The band consists of Dave Silver on lead guitar and vocals, Joff Bailey on lead guitar, Stefano Selvatico on bass and Andrea Gorio on drums. In the 6 years since forming, the band has achieved respectable successes, having had two worldwide official releases and one independent ep, in that time working with Grammy nominated producer Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson) and more recently Scott Atkins (Cradle of Filth, Behemoth, Amon Amarth). The band has also picked up notable touring credentials having supported Overkill on a full European tour in 2010, supporting Evile in the UK and picking up shows with Death Angel, Queensryche, Skeletonwitch, Sylosis, Onslaught etc…and has appeared at UK festivals including Bloodstock Open Air, Hammerfest, Devilstone Open Air, Hellfire Festival and played headlining shows in the UK and Europe.

Date: 20/10/2013
Doors: 19:00
Entrance: FREE !!!

5 October 2013

Mario’s Metal Mania Present a night of pure metal and steel!!

Order your tickets here:

Hellish War is the most ‘European’ band from Brazil! Since when the band was formed, back in 1995, its sonority is based on the 80th’s Heavy Metal made in England and Germany. While other contemporary bands were forcing a supposed renovation of the style, HELLISH WAR’s musicians were simply following their hearts playing what they most liked. Musical sincerity and devotion for the True Heavy Metal! Since the band’s first demo tape, The Sign (1996), HELLISH WAR is conquering the European market. Defender Of Metal, the debut from 2001, released by Megahard Records, was well promoted outside Brazil and some copies of the Brazilian edition were exported to Europe. Today the album is a cult, being considered by some old school German metalheads as “the best Brazilian Heavy Metal album of all time”. Besides, Heroes Of Tomorrow, from 2008, brought the technical evolution that everybody was expecting. The response from the European media to the album could not be better. "Heroes Of Tomorrow is an album that many European bands would like to have released…” published back then the Greek site Metal Temple. The success in Europe soon yielded an international contract to the band. The respected German record label Pure Steel Records (Halloween, Anacrusis, Aska, Sabbat, Mortician, etc) released the two albums of the band in a 2-CD set for the entire European territory. Baptized as "European First Assault Tour", HELLISH WAR played eight shows through Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. "The result of our first European tour was excellent," said drummer Daniel Person. "The reception to our live shows was incredible. The successful first HELLISH WAR’s European Tour is also registered on Live In Germany, the third album of the band’s career. Lately the band released their 4th album “Keep it Hellish” and this album also received great reviews all over the world! Check these Brasilians out!!

New metal sensation from the Netherlands with members of ACROSTICHON and OUTBURST!! After Acrostichon split up the remaining members formed Outburst and now a new band arose from the ashes from those two bands .Lately the band played their first live show ever and the reactions where overwhelming!!! We are proud to announce RAZEND !!!!

Date: 17/10/2013
Doors: 19:30
Entrance: 5 Euro

20 September 2013

Mario's Metal Mania Presents a night of Powermetal:


Date; FRIDAY the 27th of September
Place of happening; Little Devil, Tilburg
Doors: 19:00
Entrance € 8,50
Reservations: or

The Lords of Thunder are back! New Jersey's own power/traditional heavy metal act ATTACKER, formed 30 years ago, strikes with their 5th album. What we have here is classic guitar work with true '80s feel, mighty galloping riffs, powerhouse drumming, thunderous bass, and last but not least: the bloody impressive vocal performance by the new singer, Bobby Lucas (ex-SEVEN WITCHES, OVERLORDE), straight from the Dickinson and Rivera school. All this goodness is rounded up with a well-balanced mix and production that steers away from the modern digital sound plaguing even some traditional metal albums. Musically talking, besides the two aforementioned bands, their music is closest to HELSTAR, LIEGE LORD, DESTINY'S END, VICIOUS RUMORS, JAG PANZER and obviously IRON MAIDEN. ATTACKER is a force to be reckoned with - although they celebrate their 30th anniversary, they kick more ass than most young bands today!

LORD VOLTURE is a heavy metal band hailing from The Netherlands founded by vocalist David Marcelis. After an explosive take-off in 2010 with the release of their debut album BEAST OF THUNDER and an intensive touring schedule, the band rapidly rises to find themselves in the frontier of Dutch Heavy Metal. The album thunders through the global metal community and reviewers worldwide count BEAST OF THUNDER among the major releases of 2010. LORD VOLTURE’s sound and style is said to resemble US power metal masters JAG PANZER, ICED EARTH, CAGE and VICIOUS RUMORS. The band’s ever growing reputation opens doors to many headline performances, as well as support shows for PRIMAL FEAR, FIREWIND, BLAZE BAYLEY, VANDERBUYST, James Rivera’s SABBATH JUDAS SABBATH, TOKYO BLADE and PICTURE.
With the release of the band’s second studio album NEVER CRY WOLF in November 2011 LORD VOLTURE progresses to the next level without abandoning their traditional sound nor the uncompromising energy that characterizes the debut album. The tradition to invite a renown guest set on BEAST OF THUNDER with ANNIHILATOR’s Jeff Waters is being continued on NEVER CRY WOLF with no one less than CAGE singer Sean Peck. But also the LORD VOLTURE members themselves show their worth. The piercing mid and high register of singer David, the shredding solos of guitar duo Paul Marcelis/Leon Hermans and the pounding rhythm machine of bass player Simon Geurts and drummer Frank Wintermans deliver all ingredients for the ultimate metal sound. For all who bear a heart of steel, LORD VOLTURE is a definite MUST! The band is currently working on a new album!!

20 September 2013

Mario's Metal Mania Presents a night of NWOBHM & NWODHM

Date; SATURDAY the 28th of September
Place of happening; The Rambler, Eindhoven
Doors: 20:30
Entrance € 5,--

Another legendary NWOBHM band and labelmates of Tysondog at the once mighty NEAT Records label; Avenger are also a heavy metal band from Newcastle. The early lineup featured vocalist Brian Ross, but he was replaced by Ian Swift in, essentially, a vocalist swap with Satan (Swift left Satan, Ross departed Avenger to take the empty singer slot, and Swift later decided to join Avenger). The band recorded two albums on Neat Records before disbanding shortly after the Killer Elite release. Their style was quinessential Neat NWOBHM -- raw, underproduced, energetic Brit metal. The band reunited in 2005 and has recruited a new singer lately; originally from Brazil, called Rodrigo BVevino (Roddy B) singer from Maiden England. You will be impressed by his vocal capabilities!

After 25 years the clan is back home! During the five years that Martyr was alive and kicking (1982-1987), the band released two albums that are considered to be cult classics in the metal scene today. For The Universe (1985) and Darkness At Time's Edge (1986) are classic metal, a delight for those who love strong melodies, speedy riffs and a high level of technicality. In those years, Martyr appeared on compilation albums from Roadrunner and Metal Blade, was voted Holland's best new metal band in Aardschok magazine, toured with several international acts, and appeared on Sky Channel's Monsters Of Rock.Martyr disbanded in 1987, but reunited in 2001 to play the Heavy Metal Maniacs festival. Four years later, the band revived almost the complete 1982 line up to play the Headbangers Open Air and Keep It True festivals. The flame has been burning again and the band continued to play live ever since. In December 2008, Martyr supported US Shock Rockers Lizzy Borden on their European tour. In 2009 and 2010, Martyr hit the European stages supporting legendary acts such as Flotsam & Jetsam, Vicious Rumors, Jaguar, Evergrey and more. In 2009, the first new Martyr record in almost 25 years was released. The new EP Fear was coupled with a re-release of the classic For The Universe album as a double digipack on Rusty Cage Records.
In 2010 and 2011, Martyr re-entered the studio between the live shows to work on the follow up to Fear. A complete new album called Circle Of 8 will be a significant impulse in Martyr's revival. And by signing with Metal Blade once again, the band's career has come full circle!

21 August 2013

Mario's Metal Mania Presents his Birthday Bash with:


Date; FRIDAY the 13th of September!!!
Place of happening; Little Devil, Tilburg
Doors: 19:00
Entrance € 10,--

Though Blitzkrieg has survived over two decades in the music business (albeit sporadically), they are still best remembered for their very first recording, a 1981 single featuring "Blitzkrieg" and "Buried Alive", two of the best songs of the era. Metallica reverently covered "Blitzkrieg" early in their career, and the track was also featured on the NWOBHM compilation put together by Lars Ulrich several years later. By the time the band was able to put out their first album, the lineup was quite different from that of the single, and vocalist Brian Ross had already served a stint with fellow NWOBHMers SATAN Over the years Ross has disbanded and reformed the band countless times with many different lineups, but the basic style has remained intact ever since the beginning -- Blitzkrieg will always be a NWOBHM band at heart. Blitzkrieg are very pleased to announce that the new album due for release later in 2013 will be released on the Metal Nation Records label. The label is ran by original Tygers of Pan Tang and Lionheart vocalist Jess Cox. The album is to be titled ..'Back From Hell' and will be the first Blitzkrieg album studio release since Theatre of the Damned that was released in 2007....

ShadowKeep were formed in 1999 by guitarists Chris Allen and Nikki Robson, and Belgian vocalist Rogue M. Only 6 months into the venture, and following the recording of a six-track EP at Thin Ice Studios, produced by Threshold guitarist Karl Groom, their opus Dark Tower became a phenomenon on the defunct site, which led to mainstream press coverage in the US and elsewhere. As a result of their online exposure the track was also included as the opener on a German mag’s CD for unsigned bands – thus gaining them a record deal with Limb Music Productions in June 2000. Two albums, Corruption Within and A Chaos Theory, followed to huge acclaim. The band soon gained support slots with Ronnie James Dio, Halford, Symphony X, Dream Evil and Flotsam & Jetsam. These major shows led to appearances at festivals in the UK, America, Germany and Holland - including the very first Bloodstock in the UK. Sadly, in the course of Summer 2002, vocalist Rogue M. departed to concentrate on personal matters. Undeterred, ShadowKeep however started work on their third album, The Hourglass Effect – again with Karl Groom on production duties, adding ex Tygers Of Pan Tang / AngelWitch Richie Wicks on vocals (after ex-Vicious Rumors singer Ronnie Stixx stepped in for a while), AngelWitch drummer Scott Higham on drums, and Texan Stony Grantham on bass. These sessions produced some of Chris and Nikki’s most creative songwriting and things were looking up, with a new recording deal from Dutch label Melissa Records in place and Hourglass’ slated for a November 2008 release. The album was praised for its concise songs, soaring vocals and grand production. But fate had one more card to play. Wicks left in 2009, soon after departure of Scott Higham to join UK prog band Pendragon. Thankfully drummer extra-ordinaire Omar Hayes, a long time friend of the band, quickly stepped in to keep the band on the road, but finding the right singer proved more difficult. Now re-united with original singer Rogue M, 10 years after the release of A Chaos Theory, the Keep is back and poised to take on the world!!!

AYSCOBE (Germany)
Ayscobe is a Progressive Rock Opera band hailing from Germany and formed in 2003.

METRUM (Austria)
Metrum is a modern rock band formed in 2008/09. Their progressive elements in the rhythm section, combined with a dark & deep voice and grooving guitar riffs make them unique. The musicians' roots are diverse, coming from the USA, Austria and Germany.

Mario van Dooren

13 May 2013

Mario's Metal Mania Presents a night of Thrashmetal:

Date; Thursday 2 July 2013
Place of happening; Little Devil, Tilburg
Doors: 19:00

TYRANEX (Sweden):
Female fronted thrash!! The band already headlined the warm up show of the last edition of Mario's Metal Meeting 6 on 21 September 2012 and everybody was convinced; this band knows how to play thrash!!!!! TYRANEX was formed in December 2005 with the ambition to sound like the old 80:s heavy metal bands. They were inspired by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon and Angelwitch. The first complete line-up started the development of their own style. They started to play faster and the sound became more aggressive, turning more and more into thrash. Tyranex has high-pitched screams and unclean vocals, they have intensive pulse-raising drums and up-speeded riffs and a pounding bass. They live with the vision that TYRANEX will turn into something more than just another band and they are determined to fight for it. The Evil has arrived and is here to stay. Prepare for the sacrifice...

System Overthrow is a 4-piece metalband from The Netherlands with a adrenaline-fueled passion for blasting out thrash as it was meant to be. With their refreshing mix of high pitched vocals, thundering riffs and scorching solo’s they present the public with a lightning-charged dose of pure metal. So, prepare yourself to clench your fist and bang your head to System Overthrow!!

Mario van Dooren

4 May 2013

Mario's Metal Mania Presents:

Date; Sunday 2 Juni 2013
Place of happening; Little Devil, Tilburg
Doors: 19:00
Entrance € 15,--

Back in 1975, Kim McAuliffe (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals) and Enid Williams (Bass Guitar/Vocals) both from South London, formed an all female ROCK covers band called ´Painted Lady´. After playing the local pub scene with numerous line-up changes including sisters Deirdre Cartwright on lead guitar, Bernice Cartwright on bass guitar & also Kathy Valentine (later of The Go Go's). Kim and Enid recruited Kelly Johnson to ´Painted Lady´ and then Kim recruited Denise who she already knew from Denise's Punk days in a band called Skin Flicks and in March 1978 they changed their name to ´GIRLSCHOOL´ which is taken from the B side of the WINGS (Paul McCartney) single ´Mull of Kintyre´ and they hit the road touring in the back of a red Bedford Van playing venues around France, Ireland and the U.K. for over a year gathering a strong fan base along the way. In December 78 they released their first single ´Take it all away´ on the independent ´City Records´ label which led to interest from Motorhead´s management and a support slot on the Overkill tour in the spring of 1979. The band signed to Bronze Records, which was set up by Uriah Heep producer Gerry Bron, and in the spring of 1980 they released the album ´Demolition´ which was recorded at Jacksons Studios in Rickmansworth, produced by the Legendary Vic Maile who had been responsible for the Live at Leeds album by The Who and the Classic Ace of Spades album by Motorhead. Vic had worked with some of the biggest names in the business, from Jimi Hendrix to Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton to The Pirates, Motorhead to The Godfathers, The Kinks, The Small Faces, Dr Feelgood and many more. A support slot with Uriah Heep on their 10th anniversary tour in February 1980 and then a tour with Black Sabbath in May 1980 and European tours followed and in February 1981 they teamed up with Motorhead again as ´Headgirl´ on the classic single ´Please Don't Touch´ (St. Valentines Day Massacre EP) which went silver and reached No.5 in the U.K. The album ´Hit and Run´ also produced by Vic Maile was released in April and went gold in Canada. A sellout tour of the U.K., shows with Rush and a Friday night headline slot at Reading Festival followed. After playing Japan in 1982, Enid Williams left the band and was replaced by Gil Weston who was in the punk band The Killjoys with vocalist Kevin Rowland who went on to form Dexys Midnight Runners. Gil was recommended by Lemmy. Girlschool then recorded their third album ´Screaming Blue Murder which was produced this time by another legend Nigel Grey who produced such bands as The Police and Siouxsie and the Banshees. The band then hit the road and went to the U.S.A. to play stadiums on the Iron Maiden/Scorpions tour, then went on the road with Deep Purple, Rainbow and Blue Oyster Cult. In 1983 the band went back into the studio with Noddy Holder and Jim Lea of the legendary band Slade for their fourth album ´Play Dirty´, charting in the U.S. In 1984 Kelly Johnson left the band to pursue other musical ventures in L.A. Kelly was replaced by Cris Bonacci on lead guitar who was formerly with Australian band ´Sweet Jayne´ and was brought from Australia to the UK by Mike Oldfield of Tubular Bells fame. Singer Jackie Bodimead on lead vocals also joined and GS became a 5 piece for the first time. In 1985 they released the album ´Running Wild´, recorded at the Manor in Oxford and owned by Richard Branson. It was released on Mercury records in America only and was produced by Nick Tauber best known for his work with Thin Lizzy, Toyah, Stiff Little Fingers and Marillion. A live video from the Camden Palace, London with this line up was also released. In 1986 Girlschool signed to GWR records and reunited with original producer Vic Maile for the ´Nightmare at Maple Cross´ album minus Bodimead and now back as a four piece with Kim on vocals. The following year Gil called it quits and Tracey Lamb of the band ´Rock Goddess´ took over on bass for their next album ´Take a Bite´ produced by André Jacquemin (who also produced Monty Python) at Redwood Studios in London. Kim, Cris, Denise and Enid teamed up with punk singer/pop star Toyah Willcox under the name ´She Devils´ for the Women in Music festival in December 1990 and summer 91 saw Lydie Gallais replacing Denise on drums under the new name ´Strange Girls´ U.K. Dates and festivals in Germany as support to the Beach Boys followed. Strange Girls played 2 more gigs in 1992. 1992 saw Girlschool release the album ´Girlschool´ With Jackie Carreira joining on bass formally of the band The Flatmates, touring in and around the UK, Europe And the Soviet Union. 1993 saw the return of Kelly Johnson and Tracey Lamb resulting in extensive touring around Europe and the U.S. with Kim and Denise and in March 95 the CD ´Girlschool Live´ was released. In 1999 Kim and Denise recruited lead guitarist Jackie Chambers, Jackie's first gig was supposed to be Wacken that year but Kelly did that as her last gig with the band and Jackie officially joined soon after. In 2000 Kim asked original bassist/vocalist Enid Williams (after an 18 and a half year absence from the band) to rejoin and in 2002 they released the ´21st Anniversary - Not that Innocent´ album, recorded three years earlier with the previous line-up, now with the addition of two new tracks, ´Coming your Way´ and ´Innocent´ with Enid Williams and Jackie Chambers. Since the release of the album ´Believe´ Girlschool have been playing headline European gigs, festivals, shows with Alice Cooper in Spain, and support to Motorhead on various tours in the U.K. In 2007 Original Member and best friend of Kim and Denise, Kelly Johnson died of cancer of the spine and will be sorely missed. 2008 saw the release of their new album LEGACY for the 30th anniversary which is dedicated to Kelly and has the band shaking her ashes on some of the songs which Kelly agreed to and thought would be a fun thing to do. LEGACY also Featured some special guests including Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), Ronnie James Dio & Tony Iommi amongst others and in 2009 a Special Edition CD/DVD package of Believe/Around the World DVD was released. 2010 saw the band go into the studio again to re-record their classic Hit and Run album (now re-titled Hit and Run Revisited) Produced by Tim Hamill who has produced their last 4 albums for the 30th anniversary of the release of the original, with Jackie Chambers replacing Kelly Johnson on Lead Guitar. The album was released worldwide in 2011.

Looking at the promo picturesof Rebelstar, there is no denying that Rebelstar contains of 4 individual characters. But........with 1 thing in common and that is to Rock Very Hard in this age of disposable Popstars. Started out as a collaboration of Martijn and Serge, it was very clear from the beginning on that there was no turning back from the path they chose as their musical direction: Old Skool Hardrock with the influence of todays Rock and Metal, Heavy Riffs with catchy, very strong and melodic high pitched vocals. And with a very tight rhythm section concisting of John Aponno on Bass and Harry Kramer on Drums it was clear that they're dealing with a new living and breathing Rock 'n Roll machine! Unfortunately Bassplayer John lately decided to pursue other musical adventures. However, fortunately, another great bassplayer has stepped in. None other than Toine Vanderlinden (MARTYR) has joined our ranks. Whereas some bands wish to stay underground, Rebelstar sees it as their ultimate goal to bring Hard Rock back to the masses, ready to chant our songs at Stadium level. So....all aboard and start reaving some havoc! It's time for REBELSTAR!

Mario van Dooren

26 March 2013

MMM Presents:

In 2008 VICIOUS RUMORS headlined Mario´s Metal Meeting 2 with succes! In 2012 the band VICIOUS RUMORS returned again with a major success to Europe. Their album "Razorback Killers" sparked the fire again and reached high positions in every soundcheck in the european press. Then they were on a headliner tour for over six weeks, they played major festivals like Rock Hard Germany, Dokk'Em Open Air, Summer Breeze, Metalfest in Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria, Alcatraz Fest and many more, go out on tour again for six weeks with Hammerfall and finally take part of the metal cruise "70.000 Tons Of Metal". Also in 2012 MMM managed to get this awesome band to the Little Devil club for a historical show!!The band is back to promote their new album. Those who saw the band already know what to expect; Melodic Power/Thrash for the USA; a garantee for great musicianship!!

is a 5 piece female fronted heavy metal act from Edmonton Canada. Renowned for their live energy and their original brand of heavy metal, they recently caught the attention of audiences worldwide. Having signed a two album deal with Killer Metal Records Germany including a worldwide distribution they are establishing a foothold in the global metal community. In September 2012, The Order of Chaos will embark on their first european tour with 15 shows across 9 countries including appearances at the Turock Open Air and Thunder and Lightning Festivals in support of their upcoming "Sexwitch" EP.

Iron Knights are ready for war! After the release of their new album ‘New Sound Of War’ in November 2012, Iron Knights are preparing for their ‘New Tour Of War’, which will see them play throughout the UK and venture once more into Europe. The band originally formed as Stuka Squadron, touring the UK for several years and releasing an album ‘Tales Of The Ost’ which garnered excellent reviews with its telling of the adventures of a squadron of vampire Stuka pilots. In late 2012 after a much-needed personnel change the revitalized band were reborn as Iron Knights. This London-based traditional metal band will make their Hammerfest debut this year and a number of other festivals are also confirmed, their live Missions attracting increasing numbers of enthusiastic and loyal Legionnaires as word is spreading fast about this bloodthirsty band!

Reservations can be done by sending an email to:

Date: Sunday 26 May 2013
Time: 19:00
Entrance: € 10,--
Place: Little Devil, Stationsstraat 27, Tilburg

Other MMM shows:
5 April; DEEP MACHINE (NWOBHM) & RED DRAGON (NL) @ Little Devil, Tilburg
2 June: GIRLSCHOOL (UK) & REBELSTAR (NL) @ Little Devil, Tilburg
21 June: SAVAGE (UK) & Support @ Little Devil, Tilburg
27 September: ATTACKER (USA) & LORD VOLTURE (NL) @ Little Devil, Tilburg
28 September: AVENGER (UK) & POWERIZED (NL) @ The Rambler, Eindhoven
2 November: MARIO'S METAL MEETING 7 @ Little Devil, Tilburg

15 March 2013

MMM Presents:

An evening filled with classic NWOBHM (for fans of Tokyo Blade, Angelwitch and more....) and the legendary Dutch proud RED DRAGON (NL)

Deep Machine are a British Heavy Metal band, formed in 1979 by guitarist Bob Hooker. This will be the first show in over 30 years that the band will play in Holland with original founder Bob Hooker!!! The original line up was a four piece with Bob on Guitar, Kin Lou ( Bass) John Edwards ( Vocals), and Pete Clements ( Drums)..... Kin Lou left the band and was replaced by Kevin Maloney on Bass. Several gigs were played at East London's Ruskin Arms (London) and also The Bull, Hornchurch Essex. John Edwards l...eft the band, and was replaced by Mick Silver on vocals, and a few more Ruskin Arms gigs followed...... Bob then auditioned for Iron Maiden at Hollywood Studios Clapham London... Unfortunately, although in the 'top 3', Bob didn't get the gig, which went to Tony Parsons (who was soon to be replaced by Dennis Stratton). Disappointed at not nailing the 'Maiden gig, Bob began to put Deep Machine back together again (which at this point had pretty much fallen apart) John Wiggins, guitarist from Metal band Black Friday, joined the band. Dave Orton (Bass) and Ricky Bruce (Drums) were recruited from Touchstone, a Metal band that had also played numerous gigs on the London circuit......... Intensive rehearsals took place, working on all original new material. When this was completed,the band then looked for a vocalist to complete the line up... and as a result Roger Marsden became the new frontman ...... In the following year,the band did numerous gigs with this line up including the Ruskin, Greyhound Electric Stadium Chadwell Heath Essex,The Swan South London, Red Lion Gravesend Kent to name a few. In January 1981, a demo was recorded (the re-mixed tracks you can hear on this page) at Pathway Studios Islington London. Tracks were: Demon Preacher, Asylum, Witchild and Deep Machine. Bass player Dave Orton left the band, and auditions started to find his replacement. Andy Wrighton was chosen from around 30 or so applicants..... More gigs followed with this line up including a support slot with Angel Witch at London's Marquee Club.... Due to pressure from work, Bob (very reluctantly) decided to quit the band......and was replaced by the (excellent) Angel Witch guitarist, Kevin Heybourne. The band played several gigs with this line up until Kevin Heybourne recruited Ricky Bruce and Roger Marsden to join the re-formed Angel Witch. John Wiggins also left the band at this point and went on to join ex- Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno in Lone Wolf, and later Battlezone. John also went on to join Tokyo Blade, XFX and Slam. Andy Wrighton continued with the band for a while, and at this point there were several line up changes.... more notable members included Tony Harris (Guitar) Paul Smith (Guitar) Tony Smith (Vocals) Steve Kingsley (Drums). After around a year or so with these various line- ups, the end of the band was declaired, and Andy Wrighton went on to play in Shogun before moviing on to join ex Deep Machine bandmate John Wiggins in Tokyo Blade. Roger Marsden left Angel Witch, and went on to sing with EF Band and Nevadda Foxx. . Deep Machine re-formed briefly in '88 to do a one-off gig at the Ruskin Arms....this line up included original members John Wiggins, Dave Orton, Roger Marsden, and notably new member Charlie Towler on Drums. In January 2009, Bob Hooker, John Wiggins, Andy Wrighton and Slam Drummer Charlie Towler decided to have a jam after not playing together for 27 years! They were amazed at how tight it still sounded, so decided to re-form the band. Rehearsals started, but it soon proved difficult in finding a singer that totally suited the band. Eventually Lenny Baxter (ex-Bass Player with Gangland, Straight Edge, XFX, Battlezone) became the new frontman. At this point John and Andy were invited to re-join Tokyo Blade, and found it increasingly difficult to rehearse and commit with both bands, so after a very amicable split, replacements had to be found. Bass player John Riley (ex- Stolen Property, Urban Clearway, Innovatia) joined the band, and guitarist Nigel Martindale (ex- Fawl, Carnal Rites, Art Of War, Torn Angel ) also joined the ranks. A year of gigs then followed including shows at The Bridgehouse 2, The Royal Standard (which included a show with Tokyo Blade) and Negasonic club Aalst Belgium, a show that John Wiggins played a guest slot with the band that included the four songs from the original '81 demo. In February 2012, ex- Deadbolt and more recently Smokin' Barrels axeman Nick 'Beastie' East replaced Nigel Martindale on guitar, completing the current line up. After 31 years, the band returned to the studio to record three (long-awaited) tracks, old favourites like the 'updated' version of IRON CROSS, plus KILLER, and a new song Lenny and Bob wrote in the spring of 2011, WHISPERS IN THE BLACK.

RED DRAGON (NL, One of the first Dutch metalbands ever!!!)
RED DRAGON is a local band from Tilburg but these guys already formed in the early 80's!! After years of silence MMM managed to book the band already for a reunion show at the Tilburg Headbangers Fest in 2006 of which MMM was co-organiser during 2006/2007. Later on the band did a few other shows and disappeared again.....well now the band will return once again to prove the Dutch metalscene that they still know how to ROCK!!!!! Red Dragon started in 1982 (the eighties) by the Jacobs-brothers René, Kees and Huub. Although the bandmembers where influenced by Saxon, Scorpions, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Kansas etc.. the band has its own sound because everyone wants to put his favourite band-influences in the music. “Keep on rockin’, Keep on Dragon” was the slogan in the eighties.
The music is straigt-on and pure hardrock. Not too simple, not too symphonic but it rockes. The message is: don’t go worrying about social problems but live your life and enjoy the music. Gigs were given in Nederland (especially Zeeland) en Belgium. They played as support act for Uriah Heep, Bodine and Vengeance and headlining some festivals. After the reuniongigs in café Extase (2006, also arranged by MMM) en Little Devil (2007) in Tilburg (The Netherlands) the band decided to continue. After 5 years and the search for a new vocalist, Red Dragon goes on stage in Tilburg-The Netherland, Little Devil, April 5th 2013 with their new vocalist (Guido Theuns). RED DRAGON STILL ROCKS ON!

Red Dragon 1983:
Benno van Gerven – zang; René Jacobs – gitaar; Huub Jacobs – bass; Theo van de Heuvel – drums; Kees Jacobs – toetsen
Red Dragon 2013:
Guido Theuns – zang; René Jacobs – gitaar; Huub Jacobs – bass; Theo van de Heuvel – drums; Kees Jacobs – toetsen

Date: Friday 5 April 2013
Time: 19:00
Entrance: € 5,--
Place: Little Devil, Stationsstraat 27, Tilburg
Reservations can be done by:

5 March 2013

MMM & Rockcafe The Jack Present:

DIE HARD (Sweden, Thrashmetal)
In November 2005 Harry (bass) formed a band with the intention of bringing the spirits of the past back to life. The goal was to play old-school thrash metal in the vein of Venom, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Exodus, Possessed, Sodom. One year later, after many line-up changes, a band consisting of Harry, Hasse (guitar/vocals), Micke (guitar) and Nicke (drums) started rehearsing. In February 2007 Die Hard entered studio Hell for the recording of their debut-demo "Emissaries of the Reaper", which later on was released as a 7" EP by Germany's Anger of Metal records. In January 2008 Micke and Nicke decided to leave Die Hard and were replaced by H-kan (drums). After a few months of intense rehearsing the trio entered Studio Blueflame to record the MCD "Evil Always Return". In connection with the release of "Evil Always Return" Die Hard played at Maiden Massacre in Oslo with Obscurity/Watain/Nifelheim. In august 2008 Die Hard sign to Polish label AGONIA Records. 2009 start out with release Mercenaries of hell and toured "Blitzkrieg over Germany" before once again focusing on writing new material, this time for the debut full-length album "Nihilistic Vision" released on Agonia Records 31 October 2009. October 2010 the new line-up and Die Hard was again a four-piece band Ken on drummer, and an extra guitar, handled by Simon, was added to the band. Three new assaults will be released in the span of one year. First out, 31st October, is the five years anniversary EP "Thrash Them All" In conjunction with the release of Thrash Them All were they played one gig with Brazilian VULCANO in our hometown Uppsala. In February 2011 they went out on a European tour as special guest at SODOM. Hassan left the band after the tour ends and they kicked out Ken and replaced him with Perra, you find him also play in the deathmetal band Nominon. April 11 was released DIE HARD fourth 7 inch EP "Hatred's black flame" .

SLAUGHTER MESSIAH (Belgium, Black/Thrashmetal) Slaughter Messiah was born in the Winter of 2008. The Entity was originally formed by two Satan-worshippers: the brothers Rod "Iron Bitch Desecrator" (guitar) and Elliot “Sodomaniak” Spencer (drums, lyrics and vocals) who wanted to play in a black and thrash metal style. At the dawn of 2011, Slaughter Messiah organizes a jam session with the almighty Lord Sabathan (Horacle, Morbid Death, ex-Enthroned, …) who joined the band as a bassist/vocalist. In June 2012 Slaughter Messiah introduced Thomas "Exhumator" (vocals/guitars from Spermafrost) as a second guitar player to complete the band. Slaughter Messiah is gonna make your ears bleed, destroying your minds and reaping your souls!!!

Date: Sunday 24 March 2013
Time: 19:00
Entrance: € 5,--
Place: The Jack, Stratumseind 55, Eindhoven

Other MMM shows:
5 April; DEEP MACHINE (NWOBHM) & RED DRAGON (NL) @ Little Devil, Tilburg
26 May; VICIOUS RUMORS (USA), THE ORDER OF CHAOS (Can) & IRON KNIGHTS (UK) @ Little Devil, Tilburg
2 June: GIRLSCHOOL (UK) & REBELSTAR (NL) @ Little Devil, Tilburg
21 June: SAVAGE (UK) & Support @ Little Devil, Tilburg
27 September: ATTACKER (USA) & Support @ Little Devil, Tilburg
28 September: AVENGER (UK) & Support @ The Rambler, Eindhoven
1 & 2 November: MARIO'S METAL MEETING 7 @ Little Devil, Tilburg

25 February 2013

Hi All !!
MMM is on the run!!!!:

Next MMM show after the sold out Raven show is: SCREAMER (Sweden), ATTIC (Germany) & THE DEVIL'S 3RD (NL)
8 March

SCREAMER (Sweden):
"Full Throttle Heavy Metal 'n' Roll" from Sweden! A high-quality mix of early Iron Maiden, Accept, Judas Priest, with a hint of Motörhead. Swedish hopefuls Screamer started out in Ljungby, Smaland, in early 2009, with Christoffer Svensson (bass/vocals), Martin Hallberg (guitars), Anton Fingal (guitars) and Henrik Petersson (drums). In 2011, they released their debut album "Adrenaline Distractions" on High Roller Records. The record received rave reviews all over the world - especially in Germany's leading magazine Rock Hard. In autumn 2012, Screamer departed for a European tour along with '77 from Spain and their Swedish friends Bullet. "The Full Pull Tour with Bullet and '77 was a total blast", remarks drummer Henrik Petersson. "It felt great being able to reach out to bigger audiences, and playing live is what all of us in the band live for. We love it!". The whole band is very confident that their second album will turn even more heads. Henrik has every right to be proud: "The new album is called "Phoenix". A nine track monster with approximately 45 minutes running time. Check these guys out before they are to well known to play in clubs like Little Devil

ATTIC (Germany):
Attic comes from Germany and presents us the very best vocally sound alike of King Diamond ever heard. If there were talent contests where descent music should be possible, this guy, Meister Cagliostro, would easily win, performing a Mercyful Fate track. It's almost unbelievable how much he sounds like the King himself as well in the high as in the low/spoken regions. This great vocalist expresses his stamp on the music by this great performance, so it automatically refers to Mercyful Fate. Well, this in 2010 founded band sounds less technical and gets their influences from classic, old school Heavy Metal like Judas Priest and a lot of early Iron Maiden punctuated with a dark atmosphere to give way to their interest in occultism. It seems that nowadays there's a real revival of occult bands playing traditional Heavy Metal with painted faces and lyrics about worshipping his Royal Evilness. Just think of Ghost and the awesome Hell. Now these bands don't sound musically the same and neither does Attic, so there's room enough for them in the scene. The self- titled demo was brought to the masses in the beginning of 2012 and was received very well by the press. And this debut … well ehm, it's simply damn brilliant. Not many bands are gifted bringing out a debut with only good solid varied metal.

The Devil’s 3rd is an old-school thrash-metal band with progressive influences. The band is based in Tilburg, The Netherlands, and releases its brand new demo and artwork in February 2013! The Devil’s 3rd has four members: Wesley de Witt (drums & backing vocals), Frans Wijnen (vocals), Kristoff Mycka (bass-guitar) and Bart Geisen (electric guitar & backing vocals). The show at MMM with Attic and Screamer will be the very first show for the band! They are very excited to play at the Little Devil on the 8th of March!

Café Little Devil
Stationsstraat 27
5038 EA Tilburg
Entrance € 7,50
Doors: 7 PM

24 March; DIE HARD (Sweden) & SLAUGHTER MESSIAH (Belgium) @ The Jack, Eindhoven
5 April: DEEP MACHINE (Legendary NWOBHM) & RED DRAGON (Cult NL heavy metal) @ Little Devil, Tilburg
26 May; VICIOUS RUMORS (USA) & Support @ Little Devil, Tilburg
2 June; GIRLSCHOOL (NWOBHM) & Support @ Little Devil, Tilburg

27 November 2012

Hi All !!
First 2013 MMM show is already confirmed!!:

3 February 2013

After headlining the first edition of Mario's Metal Meeting in 2007, MMM managed to bring the band back to Tilburg!!

More news will follow soon.........

Café Little Devil
Stationsstraat 27
5038 EA Tilburg
Entrance € 12,50
Doors: tba

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