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27 November 2012

Hi All !!
First 2013 MMM show is already confirmed!!:

3 February 2013

After headlining the first edition of Mario's Metal Meeting in 2007, MMM managed to bring the band back to Tilburg!!

More news will follow soon.........

Café Little Devil
Stationsstraat 27
5038 EA Tilburg
Entrance € 12,50
Doors: tba

15 September 2012
On 21 & 22 September 2012 the 6th edition of Mario's Metal Meeting will take place!!!!
Venue; Little Devil, Tilburg, The Netherlands

SATURDAY 22 September 2012:
- After being in the kennel for the best part of 20 years Tysondog are back, barking louder and fiercer than ever! Together with Satan, TYSONDOG is also a band that originated from Newcastle. Now they're back with original singer Clutch Carruthers on vocals and with an original line up it promises to be one hell of a Show!! Remember their classic albums "Beware of the Dog" & "Crimes of Insanity", both on the legendary NEAT Records label. Heavy neck crushing headbanging for oldschool maniacs!

- Another legendary NWOBHM band and labelmates of Tysondog at the once mighty NEAT Records label; Avenger are also a heavy metal band from Newcastle. The early lineup featured vocalist Brian Ross, but he was replaced by Ian Swift in, essentially, a vocalist swap with Satan (Swift left Satan, Ross departed Avenger to take the empty singer slot, and Swift later decided to join Avenger). The band recorded two albums on Neat Records before disbanding shortly after the Killer Elite release. Their style was quinessential Neat NWOBHM -- raw, underproduced, energetic Brit metal. The band reunited in 2005 and has recruited a new singer lately; originally from Brazil, called Rodrigo BVevino (Roddy B) singer from Maiden England. You will be impressed by his vocal capabilities!

ASGARD (Italy, Power/Speed Metal)
- ASGARD is a power/speed metal act from Italy (Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna) formed in 2003. The band released a couple of demos before releasing their debut full-length studio album "The Seal of Madness" in 2011. This album is one of Mario's favorite albums of 2011; if you're into oldschool speedmetal in the AGENT STEEL vein (Cyriis era) you will love this band as well!! Check them out!!!

SPLIT HEAVEN (Mexico, Power/True Metal)
- Split Heaven is one of the most important upcoming promises Heavy Metal has to show to the world. They combine thundering speed, '80s metal riffs, battles of solos and high pitched vocals to create a vicious monster ready to bite, infect and spread the word of Heavy Metal. These five amigos from Mexico are ready to make you scream. In 2009, Split Heaven even won the Mexican Metal Battle contest of Wacken Festival, which took place in Mexico City at Circo Volador venue. With this, they received the opportunity to represent México in the 2009 Metal Battle at Wacken Open Air, on its 20th Anniversary, being the first Mexican band ever to perform in this festival.

POWERIZED (NL, Power/Prog Metal)
- This band from the Breda area in The Netherlands just lately changed their name into Powerized. A few months ago they where still called YOUR SOUL PLEASE and during that period (half June 2012) they ended as second best band of the international Emergenza band contest! Expect a young energetic band with influences from bands like Edguy, Iron Maiden, Avantasia. The fact that they ended up as 2nd of the Emergenza contest says enough otherwise check out their YouTube clips of this battle!

- Gloria Victis. Founded in 2009 from an idea of Govert Middelberg and Stefan Bosland. With enough creativity (and Jack Daniels) it didn’t took long before the first songs were written. Hard and dashing guitars interspersed with melodic riffs. Innovative music in the metal genre. Sometimes composed on the edge. In 2009 and 2010 they played various gigs. They even were the support act for bands like Vortex (NL), Hysterica (S) and Martyr (NL). In the subsequent period it became quiet around the band. This because of recruiting new musicians and writing new tracks. Only guitarist Govert and singer Bozzy remained. In 2011 Gloria Victis played a few gigs with a changing line-up. By addition of drummer Patrick Dudart, bassist Marcel Verheij and guitarist Bart Braat the line-up of the Victis is complete and ready to Rock & Roll! Spring 2012 the band will entered the Voodoo Sound Studio again to record their first EP… off course all analog and it is released lately and receiving good reviews!!

Entrance € 10,--
Doors: 15:00

FRIDAY 21 September 2012:
TYRANEX (Sweden, Female fronted Thrash/Speed Metal)
- TYRANEX was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in December 2005 by guitarist Linnea Landstedt and singer Paloma Estrada. They wanted to create a band to take the listeners back to the 80's early heavy metal sound. In the end of 2006 Paloma left the band and Linnea was chosen to be the new singer. With the new kind of singing style, more unclean than before and heavy metal high-pitched screams the sound changed a lot. In January 2008 TYRANEX recorded the demo “Blade of The Sacrificer”. During this period they also recorded their next demo “The Evil has Arrived”, which was released in April 2009. In April they signed a record contract with Infernö Records and the planning of recording our debut album "Extermination has begun". It was finished and releaed in June 2011. The band lately (January 2012) played the famous Metal Assault festival in Wurzburg Germany with bands like Sanctuary; Satan, Heir Apparent and many more....Check them out if youre into female fronted thrash/speed metal! You will love it!

EVIL INVADERS (Belgium, Thrash/Speed Metal)
- It all started in the year 2007 when 2 metaloholics Jöe Anus and his cousin Agent Stavröz decided to start a band. It was very easy to find a drummer because 1 of Jöe's best friends was a drummer. And that's how Speedfreak Frey got involved with the band. After a few line up changes the band is now completed and ready to strike! These youngsters listened very good to the good oldschool bands and are influenced by bands like: Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Motorhead, Helloween, Megadeth, Overkill, Misfits, Accept, Dio, Exciter, Running Wild, Kreator, Exodus, Riot and many others...

SPIDKILZ (Italy, Female fronted Thrash Metal)
- SPIDKILZ are an Italian band and actually it’s the group that the female vocalist Elisa "Over" De Palma has formed after leaving WHITE SKULL. I think that the name of the band says a lot about what they play. Their sound is inspired by the speed and thrash metal school of the United States of America. By listening to them you can easily understand if you are an experienced listener that their sound carries influences from bands like OVERKILL, METAL CHURCH, early ANTHRAX and METALLICA.

DESTITUTION (NL, US-style Thrash Metal)
- In 2007 Destitution was formed out of the remains of Torched and Xi-Void. The band shared these following interests: beer, pizza and Thrash Metal. The purpose of the band is to have fun and play old-school Thrash Metal and make your beer taste even better! The first promo was recorded in 2009 and 2011 marks the year of 'The Human Error', a three-piece concept EP recorded by Jörg Uken at the Soundlodge Studios in Germany and featuring artwork by the American artist Lee Gaskins. A very nice demo in an US-thrash metal tradition! Be there on time to check these guys out!

Entrance € 5.--
Doors: 19:00
5 August 2012
Mario's Metal Mania Webzine presents;
Sunday 26th of August 2012 @ Little Devil club, Tilburg:


In 2008 VICIOUS RUMORS headlined Mario´s Metal Meeting 2 with succes! Last year the band VICIOUS RUMORS returned again with a major success to Europe. Their album "Razorback Killers" sparked the fire again and reached high positions in every soundcheck in the european press. Then they were on a headliner tour for over six weeks, they played major festivals like Rock Hard Germany, Dokk'Em Open Air, Summer Breeze, Metalfest in Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria, Alcatraz Fest and many more, go out on tour again for six weeks with Hammerfall and finally take part of the metal cruise "70.000 Tons Of Metal". The band is back to promote their new album. Those who saw the band already know what to expect; Melodic Power/Thrash for the USA; a garantee for great musicianship!!

“Raw, loud, immoral but evident”; This is what the Dutch groove-metal band SkullSuit stands for. After some years of musical experience and the search for the right people to work with, SkullSuit was founded in January of 2011. By combining heavy guitars with groovy rhythms the band created refreshing music. Due to the different musical interests within the band, varied melodies and powerful riffs were stacked upon this base.

Entrance: € 8,-
Doors: 16.00 uur

Little Devil
Stationsstraat 27
5038 EA Tilburg

Info & reservations:

Other upcoming MMM shows:
7 September; PHANTOM-X (USA) & LORD VOLTURE (NL) @ Rambler, Eindhoven, NL

21 September; Mario's Metal Meeting 6 Warm Up show with:
TYRANEX (Sweden), EVIL INVADERS (Belgium), SPIDKILZ (Italy) & DESTITUTION (NL) @ Little Devil, Tilburg, NL

22 September; Mario's Metal Meeting 5 with;
TYSONDOG (UK), AVENGER (UK), ASGARD (Italy), SPLIT HEAVEN (Mexico), Powerized (NL) & Act of State (NL) @ Little Devil, Tilburg, NL

29 September: ELVENSTORM (France) & RAMPART (Bulgaria) @ Dynamo, Eindhoven, NL
4 June 2012

Hi All !!
Upcoming MMMeeting news!

21 & 22 September 2012, Little Devil, Tilburg, The Netherlands
The first names that are booked for 21 & 22 September:

- TYSONDOG (UK) NWOBHM Legends first Dutch show after nearly 25 years!
- ASGARD (Italy) The Italian answer to Agent Steel (Cyriis era)
- SPLIT HEAVEN (Mexico) Powermetal in an US style
- ACT OF STATE (NL) Power/Heavy Metal

Please mark your calendars.....

Café Little Devil
Stationsstraat 27
5038 EA Tilburg
more info soon......

21 April 2012

Hi All !!
Upcoming MMM show:

A night of Progmetal & Symphonic metal!!!
On May the 4th, again, a separate MMM show with:

The Phoenix Project is a progressive rock- metal project by:
John Macaluso, drummer from the band HOLLYHELL and former drummer of ARK, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, RIOT, TNT, JAMES LABRIE & Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged, ex-Lemur Voice) on guitar and completed with a band off the finest musicians They will bring you live songs from ARK, Yngwie Malmsteen, TNT, Riot, Starbreaker,...

Peak at the setlist:
Ark - Heal the Water, Burn the Sun, Torn
James La Brie - Crucify
Riot -Rolling Thunder
TNT-Purple Mountain's Majesty, Indian Summer
Yngwie J Malmsteen - Rising Force, Blitzkrieg, Masquerade
Etc, etc

Sun Caged is a progressive metal band originating in The Netherlands. Sun Caged was formed by ex-Lemur Voice guitarist Marcel Coenen and drummer Dennis Leeflang in the spring of 1999. Taking influences from artists in the metal genre such as Dream Theater, and Iron Maiden, Sun Caged has an unique sound which also incorporates influences from jazz and fusion. They have performed as support acts for bands such as Vanden Plas, Queensrÿche, Spock's Beard, and Fates Warning. Currently, the band has a self-titled studio album which was released on October 22, 2003 and a second album, Artemisia, which was released on March 23, 2007. After the release of their debut album the line up of Sun Caged changed considerably. When the recordings of Artemisia had started, Coenen was the only band member left from the original line up. Leeflang left shortly after the release of the band's debut to pursue a musical career in New York and was replaced by Roel van Helden. After singer André Vuurboom left to form Sphere Of Souls he was replaced by the American Paul Adrian Villarreal. With the departure of Vuurboom keyboard player Joost van den Broek also parted ways with Sun Caged to join After Forever, a Dutch gothic metal outfit. René Kroon was hired as Van den Broek's substitute. Shortly before the Artemisia recording sessions bass player Rob van der Loo left as well. He went to join Dutch gothic metal band Delain and was replaced by Roel Vink. The band's third studio album, The Lotus Effect, was released on June 17, 2011 through Lion Music. It was described as a balance between their eponymous debut and the more melodic sophomore album, Artemisia.

Mother of Sin is a heavy metal band from the north of Holland, formed around former ELEGY and PrimeTime singer/guitarist Eduard Hovinga and former Vengeance drummer Gerry de Graaf. The combination of great instrumental skills, complex songwriting and strong melodies, makes one think of a fusion between bands like Symphony-X, Cacophony, TNT and Masterplan. In 2004 MoS signed a record deal with the Italian recordlabel Adrenaline/Steelheart. The debut album, Apathy, was the next logical step. The band found a great producer in VandenBerg?s bassplayer Dick Kemper, who already did great productions with bands like VandenBerg, Krezip and Intwine, in his S&K studio. In october 2005 the debut cd Apathy, containing 10 tracks, was released. It got very good reviews by international media. Shortly before the recording of the follow-up record in 2006, the band fell apart. Key members Eduard and Gerry pushed on and recorded the second album Absolution together. They also chose to look for a new recordlabel for the release of the album. At this point Mother of Sin has no record deal. During 2008 MoS was completed by bassplayer Peter Groen and played live again with e.g. Blaze Baily, Vengeance and Sacred Steel. In 2009 Absolution was released. It got great reviews in the media. To promote the album during 2009 and 2010 Mother of Sin played with bands like Evergrey, Vicious Rumors, Jaguar, Tokyo Blade, Mystic Prophecy and Picture. Now in 2012 MoS is working on new material and keeping the flame alive on stage...

Café Little Devil
Stationsstraat 27
5038 EA Tilburg
Entrance € 5,--
Doors: 19:00

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